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Fishing Reports & Updates

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The Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook run is producing sporadically. Anglers are scoring on cut-plug herring near the jaws, and spinners farther up the bay. Spinners have been the ticket there, with #6 Bob Toman or Wayne Priddy blades. The heavier Toman blades are the better choice in strong current, with the Priddy blades fluttering well in slack tides. Dale and John VanLydegraf have been consistently bringing home big fish.

The Sandy coho run is losing steam, as are the Clackamas and Eagle Creek coho. Eagle Creek is always better after a rain. Most coastal streams still are getting chinook, and a lot of late coho are being seen now. Better late then never, although bright fish are hard to come by, and most are unclipped- thus can’t be retained.

Trout are feeding heavily with the cooling waters, getting ready for winter. Most lakes are doing well.

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