Modernization is not a benchmark for the existence of black magic

Even though the world is modern, subtle-arts, magic, or black magic still exist in society. This statement sounds magical, right? Where people are often used for a reason, it can be hurt, revenge, etc., then they can’t hurt harshly, so they hurt with magic or black magic with intermediaries of spirits such as jinn or demons. Witchcraft or witchcraft is usually sent to other people, and with various purposes, that person can fall in love, go crazy, get sick and even die.

The characteristics of the person being used are first difficulty sleeping at night. This one thing is the main characteristic of those who are exposed to witchcraft, which is difficulty sleeping at night. If the person tends to be refreshed by 10 o’clock, the person has likely been exposed to it. Not only that, witchcraft sufferers can experience anxiety and fear for unknown reasons. This is certainly different from insomnia because insomniacs are usually able to sleep after certain hours. The next characteristic is laziness. Those who are used usually become lazy because their body feels heavier than usual. Worse, these events can take place every day. If you try to see a doctor, surely no specific diagnosis will be given.

When taking medication from a doctor, it may be that the pain does not disappear but instead causes new diseases. Indeed, having nightmares or scary dreams such as dreams of seeing ghosts and the like is normal for everyone who experiences sleep. But if you dream of bad things every time you fall asleep or maybe dreaming of the same thing over and over again, is it normal? If it’s like that, you could say that people who often, even in their sleep, are disturbed by nightmares, have been exposed to witchcraft.

This is very visible in contrast to those who are usually diligent and active, then become unproductive. He lost motivation. Well, this next feature is increasingly showing strange symptoms in the body. If you feel chest pain or headache every evening, it is more likely that the person has been exposed to black magic. Before it’s too late and it’s going to have a bad effect on you, it’s far more to start cleaning up practitioners who have experience and a license in dealing with black magic.

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