Easiest Way To Get Clean Carpet

Carpets are usually used as a base and add value to the beauty of a room at home. It is not uncommon for residents to spend their rest time lying on the carpet while watching television in the family room. Carpet cleanliness of course must always be maintained to avoid diseases caused by dust and dirt. The best choice is to leave it for the carpet cleaning equipment service to clean it thoroughly and quickly. However, home members can save on carpet cleaning costs by doing it yourself easily, here’s how.

The easiest way to clean carpet floors is to use a vacuum cleaner. With this tool, dust and dirt such as scraps of paper, plastic, and animal hair that sticks to the carpet will be sucked up. We recommend that you clean the rugs by using a vacuum cleaner regularly once a week so that germs do not breed. Cleaning the carpet with tools still requires detergent for cleaner and smelling results. There are many choices of detergents that are sold conventionally with various advantages and disadvantages of each. We recommend that you ask in detail about the carpet detergent that will be used and adjust it to the type of carpet material found in the house. The activity of cleaning rugs can be done with natural materials at home. Salt added with water can clean stained carpets. Another ingredient, baking soda, is well known for its cleaning power. A mixture of baking soda and water is added during the scrubbing process of carpet with dirt.

Another ingredient that is no less effective in cleaning stains or dirt is white vinegar. Simply put white vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and warm water on the dirt on the carpet. Leave it for a while then brush gently. Don’t forget to rinse the brushed carpet with natural ingredients using laundry soap. We recommend that you always keep the carpet clean regularly to avoid various diseases. With clean carpets, activities will be more comfortable and the house will be healthier.

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